Well Visits & Physicals

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Now that you’ve brought your baby home, it’s time to start keeping up with their wellness visits. These visits do more than track your baby’s health; they also begin their relationship with their pediatrician. Over time this will help them look forward to their visits and become comfortable discussing sensitive topics later in life. 

What To Expect As Part Of Your Baby’s Wellness Visits

In addition to their weight, the following aspects of their health will be checked:

  • Head – Navigating the birth canal is eased by your child having a soft skull at birth. Throughout the months to follow, the soft spots in their skull will harden, with the last closing at 18 months.
  • Ears – An otoscope will be used to check for any ear concerns. This can include fluid in the ears or infection.
  • Eyes – An ophthalmoscope is used to check your baby’s eyes. As your baby grows, their ability to track things with their eyes will be gauged as well.
  • Mouth – Your baby’s mouth will be checked for concerns, including oral thrush, cleft palate, etc. Their progress towards teething will also be checked as they progress.
  • Skin – Skin conditions, including birthmarks, eczema, and rashes, may be discovered during the visit.
  • Heart – A stethoscope will be used to check your baby’s heart health. Health concerns such as murmurs and abnormal heart rhythms will be checked for. Murmurs are usually harmless, but a visit to a specialist may be suggested.
  • Lungs – Respiratory concerns will also be checked during your baby’s wellness visit.
  • Abdomen – Your baby’s belly will be gently pressed on to check for unusual masses, enlarged organs, and tenderness.
  • Hips and Legs – Proper health and development of the hips and legs will be checked during the visit as well.
  • Genitalia – Lumps, tenderness and any signs of infection will be checked for. Proper descent of the testes will be checked as well. If your child is circumcised, the healing process will also be monitored.

Checking Developmental Milestones

As your child grows, their motor skills and development will also increase. During your wellness visit, you may be asked some questions by our team. These questions can include:

  • Does your child respond to sounds by turning towards them?
  • Do they coo and smile?
  • Do they show interest in and reach for objects?
  • Do they respond to facial expressions and attempt to mimic them?
  • Does your child attempt to imitate noises you make?
  • Are they supporting their head well?
  • Have they attempted to roll over?
  • Are they able to sit with support?
  • Can they pull themselves up to stand?

Vaccinations and Scheduling Your First Visit To Rose Creek

In addition to all of the above, your visits also ensure your child will be kept up to date on their vaccines. This is essential to protect them from preventable diseases that can be potentially life-threatening. Reach out to Rose Creek Pediatrics to schedule your first wellness visit and start your child on the road to lifelong health. We look forward to seeing you in Riverton, UT!

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